Happy Birthday, Aiden!

Aiden Fisher Waters, is ten years old, double digits! How can it be? Bittersweet, growing up…yet still my baby.

Hitting double digits is a major milestone in the life if a child, and their parents! I am able to share my thoughts regularly on this blog, SO, in honor and celebration of Aiden turning ten years old, I thought I would ask those closest to him to share what they have learned or how their perspective has changed over this last decade having  a loved one with special needs, or just to tell what they love most about Aiden

From Nanny…

Oh my goodness how do I even begin! When I think about Aiden it makes me smile. He has brought so much love and happiness into our family, and yes, even a lot anxious moments! He is definitely an encourager. If he thinks that I can’t do something he’ll say, “You can do it Nanny, come on, try!” And if I can’t do it on my own he’ll push me through whatever it is…. literally, with both hands! With every birthday he gets to be more special. He is so smart and if I can’t understand something he’ll go around a different way to try to explain it to me. He’s very intelligent, especially working with his Nanny’s mind🤪. I never know what to expect out of him, his words or his actions. He’s always surprising me!! He keeps me laughing and he puts things in perspective for me in this life. He shows me what is really important and I thank God that he gave him to all of us ❤️❤️❤️.

From Aunt Tammy…

I think the biggest way Aiden has changed me is in how I view others.  Before Aiden came into our family I saw individuals with DS as just that – he/she has DS.  Aiden has taught me that DS is just a part of a person – it doesn’t define them.  Individuals with DS are just that – individuals – different personalities (some with BIG personalities like my nephew!), different likes and dislikes, interests, strengths and challenges.  The other big change – it’s got to be the laughter.  Anyone who’s ever been around him for any amount of time knows he loves to make you laugh – and the things he comes up with!  If I ever need a laugh at work, I just look at Jennifer’s Facebook page 😊! She probably doesn’t think it’s all funny – he’s not always happy and he has difficult times, but who doesn’t?!  Yes, having Aiden in our family has changed all of us, I think – for the good – and I don’t think he’s quite finished teaching us yet!

From Granddaddy…

The question was how has Aiden changed my life…he has filled my life with joy and happiness. I love to hear those words roll off his tongue when he says he says, “granddaddy!” I love his laugh, I love everything about him, and I hope one day I can see all the good in folks that he sees. He has truly blessed my life.

From Grandma…

Having a loved one with Down Syndrome has changed my life by showing me how life should be. To love with no bounds, throw rules and expectations out of the window,  and,  just love.  Being in Aiden’s presence, has shown me that no matter how the world may see me, in his eyes I am perfect.  He is the true meaning of unconditional love, just the way God intends. When I am at my absolute worst, Aiden can make me forget the cares and problems of this world…. he makes me  stop focusing on MY problems, even the aches and pains go away, replaced by such an overwhelming love, and a feeling of complete acceptance and such joy!

From Grandpa…

My perspective on Aiden is….That he has been a blessing to the family he was born into, and to all that has come in contact with him!  He always has a smile, always happy…Well, not always happy, sometimes he can be a little rowdy at times…lol….Everyone loves him, sometimes he gets Jennifer’s phone and calls me, or other people by mistake….He’s a blast! We all love him. There are many children with Down syndrome around the world, looking at pictures, or seeing them on video…They all have one thing in Common….They all have great big smiles from ear to ear. Well, he loves everyone! He likes certain foods….Mangoes…..Blueberries, but most especially he loves Spaghettio’s with MEATBALLS, nothing else will do!

From Daddy…

The main thing being Aiden’s dad has helped me learn is the importance of not caring what others think. I used to get so mad and embarrassed when things like tantrums, or him being loud were done in a public setting,  drawing  what I perceived as negative attention from others around us. Having a child with special needs is humbling, chipping away at my pride.

From Brother (Gavin)…

In true 12-year-old boy fashion, when I first asked Gavin about how his life had changed since having a brother with Ds, he response was, “Why are you asking me this?, I don’t know.” So, I tried rephrasing, asking how he thinks his life is “better” having a brother with special needs? Through a smile and a chuckle, his reply, was…”It’s probably worse!” LOL!! Okay, third time’s a charm…I ask, “How could you encourage someone, or reassure someone who just had a sibling born with Ds, that everything would be okay?” His answers were still not very encouraging or reassuring, so I told him I’d get back to him!

Finally, when I was asking Lee what he had to say, Gavin was listening in, and was able to put some thoughts into words. He shared, that he enjoys playing video games with him sometimes; He’s funny sometimes; he looks up to me sometimes; He likes his funny stories; He likes cuddling with him; He likes the happy face Aiden has when he gets off the bus in the afternoon.

Aiden has changed all of our lives in countless ways, which is one the reasons for my having a blog. I love to connect through sharing the joys, challenges, struggles, triumphs, lessons and LAUGHTER that my family and I have been blessed to experience! My prayer is that God uses what I share to be a blessing to others, bring a smile to someone’s face, to shine light on how amazing individuals with Down syndrome are, and all that they have to offer this world!

Stay tuned, summertime always provides plenty of blog-worthy material . 

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Aiden!”

  1. Your post randomly showed up on my reader feed as a suggested site, and the photo was so cute and happy that I just had to click! I’m so glad I did. Your piece is beautiful! Happy birthday to your precious boy!

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